November 7, 2016

About Us

Pichaafrica Sanaa is a family of artists with an aim to explore the creative economy through developing art in its unique forms. Pichaafrica sees quite well that within the so called popular culture a need for wider reaching art is really rooting now. Art has become a promising way to express and to free our minds and generation and for the youth to get a more meaningful role in society. We engage in Photography, Motion art, Visual Arts, Music Production, Events Organizing and Management, Artist management, Branding and Marketing among other things. We are a registered company in Kenyan as Pichaafrica Sanaa Limited.


To be a brand recognized throughout the Region for its product range, Limitless creativity, design and innovative ways of celebrating life’s greatest moments.


To help create a world where expressions are enhanced and the enjoyment of everyone’s best experiences can be extended, celebrated and shared with others

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