a family of big eyes

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Photography & Videography

We are a creative photography and Videography company specializing in events, weddings & storytelling portraits.

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Music and Content Production

CoELIB Studios pride to be one of the best equipped in the region with state of the art production systems and high caliber sound and motion engineers.

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Branding and Marketing

We take a “hands ON” approach, to making sure your marketing investment is working for you to achieve your objectives in the most cost-effective approach through brand identity development

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We are a family of visionaries, strategists, planners and creators brought together to offer extraordinary events.

About Us

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a family of big eyes

Pichaafrica is a family of artists with an aim to explore the creative economy through developing art in its unique forms. Pichaafrica sees quite well that within the so called popular culture a need for wider reaching art is really rooting now. Art has become a promising way to express and to free our minds and generation and for the youth to get a more meaningful role in society. We engage in Photography, Motion art, Visual Arts, Music Production, Events Organizing and Management, Artist management, Branding and Marketing among other things. We are a registered company in Kenyan as Pichaafrica Sanaa Limited.

  • Our photographers are spread all over...Book a shoot with us

  • we have organized shows with a mix of music, photography, performances, poetry, fine art, fashion. With bonfires, too.

  • Visit our high class studios at Egerton University, Njoro and Nakuru.

  • We transform your idea into visual content and drive your product to the people who need it most



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